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Outsourced CFO Services

We offer tailor-made outsourced CFOs and finance management services on a part-time, interim or project basis, to business owners or investors (private equity, family offices) and to companies looking to expand their business in Hong Kong or overseas. Our professional outsourced CFOs are experts in helping your organization to overcome barriers in managing the internal control systems, processes, and to devise financial budget and strategy that will create accelerated and sustainable growth of your company.

1. Strategic Planning

Our on-demand CFOs acquired their experience from listed companies and private companies in various industries. Our outsourced CFOs would be able to assist you to:

  • provide insights and help you to overcome current financial barriers and achieve the greatest financial stability and predictability;

  • devise forecasts and financial budgets that can help to monitor the expenditures and reserve sufficient liquidity for the smooth operation and the long-term growth of the business;

  • advise on the debt or equity fundraising opportunities and potential impact on the financial statements and capital structure;

  • provide transaction advices on mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions;

  • carry out risk management, internal control and efficiency analysis based on your specific operational needs

2. Financial Reporting

Financial forecasts, budgets and reports can be complicated. Our outsourced CFO team will based on your business need to prepare your financial reports in a comprehensible and user-friendly format. Our outsourced CFOs will from time to time discuss the important accounting items with you so you always are on top of the financial conditions and development of your business.

3. Raising & Structuring Capital

Our outsourced CFO will assist you to determine exactly your funding needs with reference to your business model and financial budgets to achieve your long-term goals. They will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of various funding (debt or equity) options and assist you to assess the financial impact on the financial condition of your business and the associate risks relating to the proposal.


Outsourced CFO are available to help you to negotiate and structure the actual fundraising process, manage the due-diligence requests from financial institutions and review the transaction documents.

4. CFO Interim Secondment

Is your company or financial team currently undergoing certain transition because of the financial crisis or seeking to expand because of the growth of business but you do not have the headcount to hire an extra pair of competent hands to help?

We provide CFO on an interim secondment package to cope with your financial crisis or catch up with your business expansion.

Our CFO has the relevant experiences to assist companies that was once in hardship or rapid growth. They could offer solutions and insights to keep your deliverables on track, provide remedial solutions, stabilize your financial environment, provide suggestions on financial strategy, cost management, long- or short-term forecasting, systems analysis and redesign, or debt or equity fundraising.

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