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AGM Service

A company’s annual general meeting (AGM) is a critical part of the shareholder engagement for a public listed company in Hong Kong. Properly managed it can help build relations with shareholders, demonstrate that the company is following best practice corporate governance procedures and set a path for the year ahead.


The AGM can though put significant strain on a company secretariat division, attempting to carry out a function that changes every year. The experts at Elemental Cosec have broad experience of dealing with AGMs for companies listed in a wide range of markets. By engaging CS Legend you can be confident that the AGM will follow best practice, run smoothly and that you will be able to focus on your core responsibilities.

Our service includes:

1. Producing documentation

Circular of AGM

  • Calculating the correct notice period for the meeting, taking into account both Companies Laws and corporate governance requirements as appropriate.

  • Advising you on what business needs to be included.

  • Determining which directors are due to retire by rotation.

  • Drafting the notice of AGM, including resolutions for general mandates to issue shares, repurchases shares and re-election of retiring director.

  • Ensuring the notice complies with all the necessary legal and stock exchange requirements.

  • Drafting an explanation of any special business.

Proxy form

  • Drafting the proxy form.

  • Liaising with your registrars to ensure it meets their system needs.

  • Ensuring the proxy form complies with all the necessary legal and stock exchange requirements.

For both documents

  • Liaising with printers, circulating and checking proofs, up to final sign off for printing and mailing AGM circular.

2. Meeting preparation

  • Advising on a suitable venue.

  • Ensuring the meeting will be quorate.

  • Assisting with practical arrangements for the day.

  • Proxy chasing.

  • Drafting Chairman’s script for formal business.

  • Producing briefing packs.

  • Planning for a poll.

3. On the day

  • Attendance at the meeting and taking minutes.

  • Providing advice as required.

4. After the meeting

  • Drafting any required announcements regarding the result of the meeting.

  • Liaising with relevant advisers for announcement to be uploaded on your website.

  • Filing resolutions at Companies Registry in Hong Kong with any other necessary documents.

  • Producing minutes of the meeting.

What does it cost?

This will depend on which of the services you require, but we would anticipate agreeing a fixed fee with you in advance so that there are no surprises after your meeting.

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