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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive a personal service which is based on a depth of expertise and specialist knowledge of all relevant legislation and regulation.


We aim to be leaders in our field, at the forefront of company secretarial practice. Our service is based on:

  • An approach which remains totally focused on our clients’ needs

  • Continuous improvement in service delivery

  • Advice which reflects both technical excellence and a commercial understanding of the issues our clients face

Our culture

We believe in a culture that brings out the best in our people; is collaborative and supportive; promotes talent, creativity and innovation; and creates an enjoyable and rewarding working environment.


In conducting our business, we seek to minimise our impact on the environment and maintain strong relationships with all our stakeholders.


Our culture is based on the following values:

  • Commitment to quality

  • Continuous learning and improvement

  • Value enhancement

  • Openness and mutual respect

  • Thinking differently and flexibly

Key Strengths of CS Legend




Unlike an employee or even a temping agency, we provide true flexibility. The company secretarial requirements of a company often fluctuate throughout the year, generally around AGM and annual reporting periods and with board meetings.

We can tailor our service to meet the needs and timing of your company. So you have the right resource when you need it and only when you need it.




We have a wide range of experience of working with listed companies in Hong Kong and private companies. This depth and breadth of experience means that they will be up to speed incredibly quickly ready to support you.


Industry Expertise


We have the specialist and up-to-date knowledge to ensure that your company are following the best practice. This means that they are immediately able to add value and experience to your existing systems.




With no shortlists, notice periods or recruitment fees to pay, We can provide a cost effective and timely solution to your company secretarial requirements.


Full range of support

If your requirements are greater than any individual can provide, you can be confident that they are still able to call on the support and expertise of our legal and accountancy professionals back at base.

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